the OC Sails Again!

About five years ago we shuttered the OC and stopped sharing our life-transforming, weight-reducing, and IQ raising content with the world. You might say that the OC has been sheltering in place for several years now. And while I can’t say that we are “back by popular demand”, we are back nonetheless. To the old congregants, welcome back! And to our first-time visitors, and to our unpaid interns, welcome aboard!

Now you might be wondering what exactly prompted this unanticipated comeback. Well, it started a few weeks ago. It was before the pestilence arrived, and before we turned off the world. I was feeling what you might call, an inner stirring. “Perhaps”, I thought, “it’s time to venture out, start up a new conversation.” And then I thought, “what if we got the band back together?!” So that’s what we are doing. Call in the congregation!

So, as we prepare to recommission the OC, I have invited a pair of distinguished guests to tell us about their experience sailing in uncharted waters. Our first guest is a decorated Vietnam war hero and one of the founding members of Bubba Gump Shrimp. Today he will be sharing a life-defining experience from his best-selling book entitled, “I Gave the Middle Finger to God and Lived to Tell About It.” Now please join me in giving a warm welcome to Lt. Dan Taylor!

Now we are honored to have as our next guest speaker, a man who is familiar with both sea-faring adventure and middle-age career comebacks. He is the Captain of the Belafonte and the founding member of Team Zissou and he will be talking about the bond between a captain and his crew. Please welcome, Captain, Steve Zissou!

“If you’re not against me, don’t cross the line . . . “

Well, thank you Lt. Dan and Captain Zissou for those inspiring words. Now as we conclude this recommissioning ceremony, let me encourage all those “who are not against us” to give a shout in the comment section below! Lastly, if everything goes as planned, the OC will be providing a live-stream this Easter Sunday, “Who is Christ for Us Today?” I’ll keep you posted on the details of that event. So, until then, keep it classy, and thanks for stopping by!

Send in the Congregation!





6 responses to “the OC Sails Again!”

  1. Edward Chapa Avatar
    Edward Chapa

    I’m back to the congregation. We here in Texas have breakfast tacos and coffee before the congregation so lol

    1. Christopher Laird Avatar
      Christopher Laird

      Ora ley hermano! Que teng un buen desayuno!

  2. jordanpwebb Avatar

    Glad to be back and not crossing over the line, also big shout out to our guest speakers and a warm welcome back to our host of the OC!

    1. Christopher Laird Avatar
      Christopher Laird

      Damn it intern, you get an A!

  3. Bob Bae Avatar
    Bob Bae

    Tell me more about your Christ….

    1. Christopher Avatar

      Come back this Sunday when we will ask, “Who is Christ for Us Today?”

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