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  1. Christopher · November 21, 2015

    “Charlie Sheen is now part of a social group that is sadly and unfairly stigmatized . . .” Like Cain, the consequences of our choices are “more than we can bear.” But it’s not just Cain or Charlie or the rest of us fallible specimens who suffer with shame and stigma. Remarkably, God is not immune from stigma and shame, for he does not merely offer his sympathy from the safety of a remote location. The God of Jesus Christ participates in our shame and he bears the stigma of rejection. The crucifixion clearly presents to us the image of the stigmatized God; or as Lake puts it, “Christ is alive to re-enact the mystery of his suffering and glory in us.” Another life-giving post from my favorite web-site! Thank you for your commitment to sharing with us this “too good to be true gospel!”


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